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License Change

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam in License
License Change FLOSS Manuals is changing the license of all material in the repository from the Free Documentation License to the GPL. Why? Well...the issue of licenses and documentation is a frustrating road to travel. There are many 'free licenses' in the world, but none of them work well as documentation licenses if you have the following prerequisites: compatability with the GPL ease of ...

PD Book Sprint

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by LukaPrincic in Book Sprints
Pure Data Book Sprint So, Adam sent us (he was supposed to come too, but couldn't at the end) he sent Derek Holzer and myself to this Croatian island Korcula, into the little (but very very cute) town ­named the same (Korcula) so that we sprint it up and write a Pure Data manual for FLOSS Manuals. I took my little old red car and drove down from Ljubljana over Rijeka and under scary stoney Velebit ...

Discuss Pages

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in Development
Discuss Pages We just added discussion pages in the FLOSS Manuals repository. This means each chapter now has a discussion page so anyone can comment on any chapter and suggest improvements, discuss issues, etc. This was very easy to implement using the lovely and very flexible TWiki engine upon which our platform is based.

REMIX Optimisation

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in Development
REMIX Optimisation The REMIX script has been optimised to ensure faster loading. The old REMIX LIVE MANUAL embeds will still work but if you prefer quicker loading of the embedded manuals then remix the manuals and use the freshly generated embed tags. REMIX is designed to enable you to create your own manuals from existing manuals. REMIX also enables embedding of manuals in a webpage/blog/CMS. This ...

Google Sponsors Book Sprint

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in Book Sprints
Google Sponsors Book Sprint Google is to sponsor the second FLOSS Manuals Book Sprint. The event will focus on bringing 4 free documentation writers together in Paris in July to write a manual on Inkscape, the popular vector graphics software. The team comes from France, The Netherlands and the USA to work together for a week at the Paris Cité des Sciences. The Book Sprint will also be open to remote ...

FLOSS Manuals to Attend TXAP

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in General
FLOSS Manuals to Attend TXAP is a international network of independant video producers. has organised a number of community events including a recent event in Amsterdam partly sponsored by FLOSS Manuals. As a result FLOSS Manuals has been invited to the Transmission Asia Pacific (TXAP) to be held in Indonesia in May of this year. Adam Hyde will attend the event and ...

Pure Data Book Sprint

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in Book Sprints
Pure Data Book Sprint In the first week of April Luka Prinčič and Derek Holzer have been participating in the first FLOSS Manuals Book Sprint. The sprint took Derek and Luka away to the beautiful island of Korcula to write a manual on Pure Data. The idea stems from discussions with Tomas Krag from WNDW ( and is based on 'Code Sprints'. Code Sprints are gatherings organised by free ...


08 May 2008 - 15:54 by AdamHyde in Free Documentation
Wikis for Docs A couple of interesting articles on using wikis for documentation have appeared recently. Of interest is Anne Gentles post on her blog about er experiences with the OLPC project and transferring one of the manuals to FLOSS Manuals: doc and the journey to wiki fied documentation/#respond There was also a very interesitng post on Teleread in response ...

Wikipedia Starting to Pay Contributors

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in General
Wikipedia Starting to Pay Contributors Brianna Laugher had let me know of this a few months ago, but her experiments with paying illustrators for developing illustrations for Wikmedia Commons recently hit the NYT:

Wikimedia Foundation Announcement (FDL)

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in License
Wikipedia Foundation Announcement (FDL) There has been a resolution from the Wikimedia Foundation which revolves around getting out of the troublesome FSF Free Documentation License : update In essense the situation is: "As you've probably read, the Wikimedia Foundation has agreed in principle to support an update of Wikipedia content ...

Wireless Networking Book

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Free Documentation
Wireless Networking Book This is a very good book: Wireless Networking for the Developing World ( Its open and free, developed by some people at WSFII ( I met Tomas Krag, one of the writers, at the Open Translation conference over the last days. The book is very inspiring as a model for the type of sophistication of content achievable ...

Localization Plugin Beta

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Development
Localization Plugin Beta Aleksandar Erkalovic has been working on the translation and localization plugins and we have our first plugin in beta (testing) form. The first plugin enables the translation of interface texts. these interface elements are stored in TWiki using special variables. These variables can be extracted and stored in '.po' files which contain the original language and the translated ...

Why You Should Love Free Documentation

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Free Documentation
Why you should learn to love free documentation First draft of an article for publication: Free software has enjoyed many years of support from the cultural sector. Artists and activists have often been active in promoting free technologies. Artists also often make a living through teaching and workshops centered on free technologies they use in their practice. Curators of exhibitions, symposiums ...

Open Translation Event

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Translation
Open Translation Event Aspiration Tech ( are a ANGO based in San Francisco with the aim to 'connect non profit and civil society organisations'. Their work is mainly in the area of free software and they are the organisers (along with Mi2 of the Open Translation Tools ( Page ) event in Zagreb, Croatia ...

Wikimania Report

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in General
Wikimania 2007 Report I wanted to post a brief outline of my experience of Wikimania 2007 in Taiwan (August 3 5). I won't cover all the talks I went to or the flossmanuals centric discussions I had, just some of the highlights of the event itself. The event was very focused on all things Wikimedia (the umbrella foundation for wikipedia and its associated projects Wikimedia commons, Wikiversity, Wikibooks ...

New search added

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in General
New Search Added FLOSS Manuals has just added a new search feature to the site....but its not just any old search. It uses the new Custom Google Search system, which means we have customised our search to help you find manuals to help you on FLOSS Manuals, and if it is not there you can also search our selection of WWW documentation and WWW forums. Finding documentation online is getting harder, not ...

New Sys Admin

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Site Administration
New Sys Admin Artist and technologist Mr Snow ( ), has joined FLOSS Manuals to help us all with admin duties and hacking away to improve bits and pieces. We are all very happy to have such an experienced and community minded person on board. Mr Snow has been contributing to manuals on OSX free softwares which are bubbling away in development, and now he also moving to fill ...

Gobuntu docs?

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Free Documentation
Gobuntu Docs? Gobuntu is another initiative from the Ubuntu Foundation. It is yet another distribution, this time with the same look and feel of the standard Ubuntu release but instead with a much stricter license policy. All content of the distribution will be 'free' as in libre. Mark Shuttleworth explains it in his blog: "It is a flavour of Ubuntu (like Kubuntu or Xubuntu) that is basically the same ...

Comments added to manuals

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Site Administration
Comments Added to Manuals FLOSS Manuals is experimenting with putting comments into the manuals so anyone can have their say over the usefulness, quality, scope and accuracy of any of the manuals. Or, indeed, to add extra information. You do not need to have a user account or be logged in to add comments. While all our manuals are published from the editing repository as static HTML the comments in ...

XS4ALL to sponsor FLOSS Manuals

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in General
XS4ALL to Sponsor FLOSS Manuals Today we received the good news that XS4ALL, the well known Dutch Internet Provider intends to sponsor FLOSS Manuals. Although details are still to be finalised we hope the sponsorship agreement will cover the hosting of our server in the XS4ALL racks and bandwidth. This is good news for FLOSS Manuals, as bandwidth and hosting costs are one of the biggest overheads for ...

Workshop at Wikimania

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in General
FLOSS Manuals Workshop at Wikimania! FLOSS Manuals has been invited to lead a "Free Manuals for Free Software!" workshop at Wikimania in Taiwan. Adam Hyde will lead the workshop, and focus first explaining the concept behind FLOSS Manuals, discuss what makes a good manual, and then lead the workshop through hands on steps on how to edit and contribute material to FLOSS Manuals. This is an excellent ...

The State of Free Documentation

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Free Documentation
The State of Free Documentation It's often hard to find good writing about the state of online documentation. Andy Oram writes for O'Reilly OnLamp, and he has contributed a couple of very interesting articles on the motivations of free documentation writers, and the state of free documentation. Why Do People Write Free Documentation? Results of a Survey was published in the first half of June and ...

New NvU Manual

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Manual Announcements
New NvU Manual Ever wondered how you can make HTML using free software tools but you don't want to use a text editor? NvU is an Open Source Web editing application that allows WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing and creation of web pages. The NvU website is at: The good folks at Your Machines (namely Simon Yuill), have ported their manual on NvU to FLOSS Manuals ...

New Mailling List

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by Adam Hyde in Site Administration
New Mailing List There is a new mailing list for those interested in discussing the current and future movements of FLOSS Manuals. It is open for anyone to subscribe, we will kick off with a discussion about licensing and the editing process.

Editing changes (direct editing of manuals)

08 May 2008 - 15:54 by adam in Site Administration
Editing Changes After some contemplation chapters are now directly editable from the manuals themselves. Essentially the registration/editing process was too complex and now it has been simplified. It is now possible to edit a manual page, when you haven't previously registered, in two clicks: click on the 'edit' text at the top right of a manual if you are not logged in it will redirect you to ...