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The Aim

FLOSS Manuals provides quality free manuals about how to use free software.

Free software gives users the freedom to copy and redistribute the software. This can save schools, hospitals, emergency services, governments, businesses and individuals money. There is not a social service in a single country that could not benefit financially by using free software. In rich countries this means bottom line savings and improved services, in very poor countries this can also mean closing the digital divide and economic empowerment.

Free software is a technical and social revolution that can change the world.

However with 60% of all websites running on free software, why do only 1.7% of all computer users have free software on their desktops? The answer is simple and the Free Software Foundation has said it already :

The biggest deficiency in free operating systems is not in the software it is the lack of good free manuals

The missing step towards social and economic empowerment for many worldwide is not free software. It already exists. The missing step is the information about how to use free software.

FLOSS Manuals exists to provide this information to anyone, for free.

You too can contribute! Our community of voluntary contribute rs is led by some of the brightest minds in documentation and free software internationally and we welcome new contributors. ثبت.


flossmanuals.net consists of three sections, read, write, remix.

read :

The 'read' section is where you will find all the published manuals.

write :

The 'write' section is where you can write new chapters or edit existing chapters. When new chapters or updated chapters are of a suitable standard they are then included in the manuals in the 'read' section. If you wish to start a new manual on another software then contact us and we can create one. All material is licensed under the GPL, it is contained on the FLOSS Manuals server here : http://www.flossmanuals.net/License

remix :

All the information in FLOSS Manuals can be reused for whatever purpose you have in mind. You can copy and distribute the information in anyway you like. To make this easy we also provide some tools so that you can make your own manuals. In the 'remix' section you can remix chapters from any of the manuals into a single pdf. The remixed manuals have a table of contents automatically generated, and you can also include a cover (that you can also design yourself).

Who is involved

There are many involved in FLOSS Manuals from contribute rs to maintainers, to board members. Here is a quick list of some of those people with 'appointed positions' (not including people that have registered and contributed):

Founder : Adam Hyde
Audacity Maintainer : Sophea Lerner
Blender Maintainer :  Julian Oliver
PureData Maintainer : Derek Holzer
Kino, NvU Maintainer : Simon Yuill
Video Distribution Maintainer : Mick Fuzz
OSXX11 Maintainer : Matthew Biederman
Designer : Lotte Meijer
Lead Programmer : Aleksandar Erkalovic
Assistant Server Admin : Mr Snow
Farsi Translations Management : Sean + Zita Joyce 

Board of Advisors :
Andy Oram (OReilly Media)
Stephanie Hackney (Tactical Tech)
Shunling Chen (Harvard)
Dr. Matthew Fuller (Goldsmiths)
Peter Thoeny (TWiki)

Contact Details

Adam Hyde adam@xs4all.nl

FLOSS Manuals Stichting
3E Kostverlorenkade 35D
1054 TS Amsterdam

Supported by

FLOSS Manuals is indebted to the advice and support of the following organisations and individuals: Lotte Meijer, Aleksandar Erkalovic, Julian Oliver

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